Betting Systems and Roulette

For almost every casino game, there are players who claim to have devised systems that remove the house advantage that is inherent in all casino games and create advantages for players to consistently win money. While it is possible to remove the house advantage in games like blackjack through the application of basic strategy and card counting, for most of the rest of the games getting rid of the house advantage is not possible. One game where the house advantage is often claimed to be beaten but, in reality, never is is the game of roulette.

There is one system that, in theory can give a positive return in a number of casino games. Unfortunately, the system only works in theory where the player has an infinite amount of money and there are no table maximums to restrict the player. The basic martingale system involves a player doubling his wager every time he loses. By doubling a player's bet every time he loses, when the player gets a win, the winnings will cover all of the losses of the previous bets plus a winning equal to the size of the initial bet. While the Martingale system works in theory, no player has access to an infinite amount of money and the geometric progression of the system will eventually result in anyone using it to lose everything that they have. Additionally, almost every casino has table maximums so that a player cannot continue to double their wager in perpetuity which makes the system impossible to succeed.

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